Wednesday, October 04, 2006


This past weekend we went to the Nascar races. It was our last year to do it. We even took the girls out of school Friday to go to qualifying. They had a blast. It was an awesome, exhausting weekend. Not sure if it just emphasizes how out of shape I am or that I'm getting older, but it sure took a lot out of me. This is a busy week as well and an even busier weekend coming up. All of the pleasure I've had over the last few weeks has been magnified by the fact that my husband and I seem to be really in sync with each other. I've noticed it the last few months. I mean, really in sync. Not that we ever really fight. We have our disagreements now and then. But, everything lately as been smooth as silk. I love it. I love him. Gotta go now- more later...

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