Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Wow. Sometimes you just have to be firm with these kids! K didn't get her homework done before spending the night at a friend's house over the weekend and now she is seriously being punished! J came up with the list. Sometimes I think he's too strict. But, I guess that's how they learn. He gets mad when I try to make it a lesser punishment sometimes. Other times, I agree with him. K has to keep her room clean at ALL times, keep her bathroom clean (no dirty clothes on the floor), can't talk on the phone after 7pm and can't sleep over or have anyone else spend the night till spring break. She has 2 birthday sleepovers she'd already been invited to. Now, she still gets to go, but can't spend the night. I'll pick her up to come home at 11pm. At least she still gets to go. All of this is because her original punishment was a week's worth of grounding from after school activities and church fun activities. Then, she said she's missed too many BB games and can't try out for cheerleading if she misses 2 more. Being grounded for a week would make her miss those 2. I guess we'll see how bad she really wants it. I do hope she makes the cheerleading squad at jr high. She doesn't play any other sports and it would be so good for her to be on the team. So, after spending the night at M's house, she comes home with fake nail on and mascara and eye shadow and blush. I guess I'm a little put out because she thinks it's no big deal to have that stuff on. I personally don't think she needs it. I know, I know! All the girls are wearing make up mom! Come on! Well, we all know not ALL the girls are. I guess a little now and then wouldn't hurt, but it would have been nice to at least be asked if she could start wearing it! They are developing at such a young age! Both are getting boobs and hair "down there". Both are shaving their legs (not underarms yet). Periods are coming soon I'm sure. I just want them to be good kids and not get into trouble. I know I can only teach them so much and then the rest is up to them. I do know this. It's just hard to accept sometimes. There's a Valentine's Day dance coming up in a few weeks. I just want her to remember the rules. No dating till she's 16 and no kissing till then either. Many of her friends have already had a couple "boyfriends". I know what kind of reputation that leads to and I don't want her to be seen the wrong way. So, here's to raising your kids the best way you know how and hoping they have been listening... I'll let you know how the dance goes...

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