Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Okay. So, now my sister J has adopted this gorgeous baby girl from Guatemala. She went to pick her up on the girls bday and came back on the 21st. Just in time for her first Christmas and her first Bday on the 28th. It was an emotional homecoming. I have never seen J happier. Really. Even my hubby commented on it. She's gonna be such a great mom. Well, let's see... Santa was good to me this year. Brought me a dvd recorder that I wasn't expecting at all. Now I can finally transfer to dvd about 50 or so camcorder tapes. I never did get any of them copied over to vhs. thank goodness! now they will go right to dvd. I know, in a few years I will need to move them from dvd to something else, but that's okay. I will feel safer having them on dvd instead of 8mm tapes that can deteriorate or get wet. The girls made a bracelet for me at global gems. I'm so mad they moved. Oh well. Time to find a new bead shop I guess. This year has got to be better for us financially. No more eating out. No more extras. We have got to get our debt paid off. I really really want to try the Dave Ramsey method of being debt free. I listen to his show everyday at lunch during the week. Not brain surgery, I know. It's just common sense stuff that apparently is working for thousands of people. The W get back from Ireland in a few days. I know they had a great trip. Hope it's not too hard for them to leave D. Sally Mae has been squawking like crazy when I go over to fill her water/give her food. She misses them like crazy. Oh- that reminds me. I should check the litter box to make sure it's not overflowing. I know- like you needed to hear that! Anyway- the kids got MP3 players for Christmas. They wanted IPODS and cell phones, but clearly that wasn't happening. They are absolutely thrilled with the MP3's. L starts her orthodontics this month. Spacers then braces I'm sure. She's not looking forward to it, but I'm thinking the sooner we start, the sooner we can be done with it. They will so appreciate it when they are older. I know I did. (thanks mom and dad!!) We spent New Year's Eve at home. I prefer to do that anyway. No sense being out amongst the crazy people. We watched Air Buddies (new movie Santa brought them) and had sparkling grape juice to toast with. J got a wild hair up his ass and bought a bunch of liquor. He wanted to make Kamikaze's and Cosmo's. I bought myself a bottle of wine. Riesling. Yummy! He made me a cosmo and it was terrible!!! YUCK!!! So, that's why the grape juice. For dinner on New Year's Day, I boiled some awesome large shrimp and we had twice baked potatoes. Now that was some good eatin'!! God Bless this New Year. May everyone prosper and be happy.

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