Monday, February 12, 2007


K had her first junior high Valentine's Day dance last week. We had to go buy a dress and shoes, the whole shebang. Thank goodness we found amazing sales at Kohl's! She ended up with a black halter dress that came above her knees and little slip on flip-flop type black shoes with an inch heel. So cute. She didn't dance with anyone but her friends (mostly girls) and that's fine. She was SO nervous getting ready for it. It was so cute. She even put on fake nails. I wish she would just let hers grow. Anyway- that's it for the dance. I even gave her $5 to have her picture taken there but she ended up not doing it because she thought the background looked dorky. I told her they ALWAYS look dorky and to ALWAYS get one taken. Gotta have something for the scrapbook, right?

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