Monday, February 12, 2007


K and I went to a YouthQuake event this past weekend in Wichita. It was a total and complete blast. We both had a great time. I can't wait till next year when L goes too! Although, I'd almost rather not drive next year. I have too hard of a time catching up and then I'd get mad that I'd have to go 80 mph to do it. So, we'll see... There were 2 bands there: Captive Free and Fuller Still. They were both great (and very different from each other). Captive Free had this 7 foot tall dude named Rick with a mohawk that ALL the kids adored. He was cool. You could invite any of the band members you wanted to eat lunch/dinner with you. He was booked solid early on and we didn't get to him fast enough to get him invited with us. Maybe next year.... Anyway, there's this kid Mike that went. He and his mom went to the Heit's Point retreat at Lake of the Ozarks a few months back. So, when I see Mike this weekend, I ask one of the other leaders there with me if they know if he is sick or not. He's just almost dead looking. Pale skin, you can see his cheekbones, and he's WAY too thin. She said she didn't really know him that well for her to compare how he looks now. I asked a couple other adults too. No one knew anything. So, he pretty much just stayed in his room and slept. He did want to go swimming, but we told him no. So, I guess now we find out he's had strep this past week. He brought no medicine that we know of with him. He came back early and was rushed to the hospital and then got put in ICU. Now the family is mad at us. Well, you shouldn't have sent your sick kid away for the weekend!!! I do hope he's okay. I've been praying for him... The weekend was very good for me spiritually. I learned a lot and feel good about it. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

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