Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So, the girls turned 12 and 13 on Saturday. J thought it would be a great idea (to help keep the cost down) to let them each have 5/6 friends over for a slumber party. I came up with the idea for a photo scavenger hunt at the mall. They took digital camera pics of items at the mall in ABC order. Each letter had a point value assigned to it. For example, Q was 50 points. A,B,C were each 5 points. You get the idea. Anyway, L's team won because they found a queen in a chess set. K's team didn't find any Q item. The prizes were gift cards to various stores. Then, we came back to the house for $5 pizza hut pizzas. After that, K's group was out back because some guys from school stopped by the back gate. L's group ran outside and yelled in unison,"K your bra is laying on the floor again!" She got so embarrassed. I thought it was a funny prank to play. Boy, did they get them back! L's group was SO waiting for K's group to fall asleep so they could grab their underwear/bras and get them wet then stick them in the freezer. But, they never fell asleep! L's group went to sleep first (I think around 4 am). K's group put shaving cream and shredded cheese and butter on L's face. I guess while they were doing it, she moved and some of it went in her mouth. That pretty much pissed her off so she had to cry about it for awhile saying she couldn't get the taste out of her mouth. Ahh, paybacks are hell, aren't they? Then, after it got to be 5 am, I put my foot down and made them all go to sleep. They slept till 10 and got up for Krispy Kreme donuts. Game over. Whew!!! I still can't believe I have a teenage daughter. Wow. Time has flown. It's funny. My twin sister J is in Guatemala right now, as I'm typing this, to pick up the baby girl she adopted. She will find out soon enough just how rewarding it is to be a mom. I love it and am so very blessed! So, L's "boyfriend" Mauricio (he's Italian/Mexican) got her some nice stuff for her birthday. A big box of chocolates and a little Ty teddy bear holding a present with Happy Birthday ribbons on it AND a bottle of Charlie perfume!! Can you even believe it?? This guy is really sweet. They haven't even held hands yet. They just hang out at school, play soccer at recess and then talk on the phone when she gets home from school. (Remember, no dating till they are 16).

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